7 Holiday Tips that Save Me Every Time

1. Prep everything a day or two beforehand:

– Prepare salads (put salad together in big bowl except dressing)
– Cut veggies (every vegetable can be pre cut and put in baggies in fridge)
– If you cut potatoes a day before you, soak them in a bowl of water and leave them in fridge. By doing this they won’t turn brown or grey.

2. Make a grocery list at least 5 days before your event.

3. Set the table night before your event

– I always love using my white dinnerware set. It goes with any holiday and it’s easy to complement it with a little color of red and green centerpieces or fresh sage on a desert plate. And be sure to place a candle in the center. Something pretty but yet simple and easy.  

4. Casseroles, crock pots, and easy oven dishes are a must for when you are feeding a few more guests than usual. My egg casserole (watch the video at bottom) is an easy and great breakfast or brunch meal your family will enjoy.

5. Easy desserts:

– Pies … I have a great pumpkin pie recipe (watch the video at bottom) with a secret ingredient you will love!
– Cookies
– Brownies

6. Easy appetizers and snacks to always have available:

– Salami and cheese tray
– Hummus and crackers
– Log of goat cheese (pour any jelly or preserves over cheese)
– Veggies and a dip

7. Consider a buffet style menu so it’s easy for all to help themselves.

Here are those two videos I mentioned

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