My Favorite on-the-go Smart Snacks

Feel good about what you grab for the road

People often ask me what are my favorite Simpleigh Smart Snacks for the road. Everyone who knows me knows I’m a big label reader. I always say that if I can’t pronounce the ingredients on the label, I don’t buy it. So, good news for you: I’ve done the research for you. I already have spent a lot of time and money, I’ve pulled out a lot of hair, I’ve gone through the frustration of buying snacks that didn’t work out and even returned many to the store. You don’t have to do any of this! Fist bump!

First, let me define what I call a Simpleigh Smart Snack: It’s a small amount of food that usually, in our case, is eaten in the car or on the go. They can be homemade, but the list here consists entirely of items you can conveniently order at Amazon for home delivery (stay tuned for my blog on great and easy homemade Simpleigh Smart Snacks. And very importantly, it better be wholesome and not full of fake, garbage ingredients.

My Simpleigh Smart Snacks have to meet these guidelines

  1. Offer ingredients that you can pronounce. Bonus points for anything organic.
  2. Satisfy your hunger temporarily and not just be a quick sugar-flash that means you will be hungry again very soon. Protein (e.g., nut butters) usually is good option for staving off hunger.
  3. Be simple and handy enough to grab and go, and not make too much of a huge mess.
  4. Be tasty! Otherwise you’ll keep searching for something less wholesome.

Here are a few Simpleigh Smart Snacks that make my A List

  • Chomps Snack Beef Sticks
  • Go Macro Macrobar – The peanut butter and sunflower butter + chocolate are our favs
  • O.N.E. coconut water – A great alternative to soda
  • Boulder Canyon Coconut Oil Potato Chips
  • Larabar – Blueberry and cherry pie are our favs
  • Stretch Island fruit leather
  • Blue Almond Nut-thins crackers
  • Dried fruit blend – Trader’s Joe’s brand is our fav
  • Skinny Pop popcorn – Sea salt or white cheddar is our fav
  • Wholly Guacamole minis – Try with carrot sticks
  • Sunbutter on the go – Try with Blue Almond Nut-thins (above) or apple slices

Want Simpleigh Smart Snacks delivered to your doorstep?

Yeah, we love doorstep delivery too. You can find most or all of these snacks on my Amazon Snack List. Enjoy!

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