Simpleigh Cooked videos now on PureFlix network

‘My kids shouldn’t be watching this show!’

How many times have you been watching TV with the whole family, and suddenly there’s a scene with a rather inappropriate or adult situation? You and your spouse glance at each other with an expression that says, “Uh-oh … the kids probably shouldn’t be watching this!” I feel a certain amount of peace and internal bliss knowing that when my kids are watching a show on PureFlix, I can rest at ease. PureFlix is a family-friendly and faith-based content streaming service with thousands of great titles, and everything on their network has been reviewed and approved as being family-friendly and safe for kids.

An amazing range of great content

PureFlix offers faith-based content, but that’s not their only focus. There are tons of great shows and movies, and my kids love all the old shows that they can’t find anywhere else, such as The Little Rascals, Roy Rogers, Dennis the Menace, and more. My husband and also I love digging into some of these shows and getting hooked on a great series. And there’s something great about knowing that we’re not going to stumble upon some show that has a dark or disturbing twist, and we can feel good even if the kids are watching along with us. Want a holiday movie? An educational program? Something just for teens or toddlers or parents? PureFlix has tons of content.

And now Simpleigh Cooked is on PureFlix!

Now on PureFlix, you can watch a ton of my great Simpleigh Cooked video recipes all in one location. Just search for us in their “Popular Series” section. The basic PureFlix service is just $7.99 per month, the first month is free, and there are no long-term contracts, so you can cancel at any time. Try PureFlix one month for free and I think you and your family will love it, just like we do.

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