Thanksgiving Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Your guests will think you’re a superstar

No, these Thanksgiving hits are not me singing “Over the River and Through the Woods” with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, but they will make you a superstar in your own home and have your guests singing your praises. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. If you came to my house you would see my family in comfy clothes parked on the couch watching the parade on TV. Someone would be passing around fresh cups of French-pressed coffee, and I’d be in the kitchen making sure my easy recipes are just right and ready in time for our afternoon feast. Ahhh … I just love this day!

Here are a few of my favorite side dishes, an easy sauce and of course a simple delicious pie.

Butternut Squash (everything’s bettah with buttah!)

Roasted Butternut Squash is my favorite Thanksgiving dish. This dish combines the squash with onion, a special sage butter and olive oil. What makes it so exceptional? The “delicateleigh” buttered sauce is made with fresh sage leaves. Roasted in the oven, it’s amazing and easy.

Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes (a twist on the traditional mash potato recipe)

Everyone loves mashed potatoes, but this Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes recipe is especially irresistible because it has goat cheese, which creates an unparalleled creaminess. Plus, it beautifully complements the delicate flavor of the (optional but highly recommended) fresh chives.

Roasted Garlic Green Beans (you had me at garlic)

Looking for a great side dish to go with any protein — chicken, beef, pork or fish? Well, here you go. Fresh Roasted Garlic Green Beans, red onion, garlic and olive oil: simple ingredients that somehow combine to be amazingly flavorful. And the oven does all the work!

Cranberry Sauce (so much better than the can stuff)

A great thing about this homemade cranberry sauce is that you can make it a day ahead, chill it in the fridge and serve. Score! I love this recipe because it uses fresh cranberries and it has a tartness that gives a nice hint of fresh orange zest.

Pumpkin Pie (easy to not share but not recommended)

This homemade pumpkin pie is easy to make and delicious thanks to a lick-the-can-good secret ingredient: sweetened condensed coconut milk. It has an ooey-gooey, honey-like texture that is delicious and you can use it in almost any recipe that calls for sweetened condensed milk. Remember not all ovens are created equal… your pie may need extra oven time.

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